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The Divine Goddess Project

Jeremius-One back at you with another announcement!!

There is a new movement to hit the streets of Seoul and it’s called The Divine Goddess Project! What was originally planned to be a one time event for performing artists, merchants and artists is now something much bigger! The Divine Goddess is a project for people who stand up for gender equality and women’s rights. SEP 10TH, SAT. THE DIVINE GODDESS will launch their first event at The Link. Even though, THE DIVINE GODDESS is a feminist movement there are still ways for the fellas to get involved and support the movement. You can expect DJs, Art Exhibition/Merchants and live performances at the event. Check the info below if you want to know who is performing!! Doors open at 830pm! And the show will start around 9pm!! Come early the place will be packed.

-GREG (슈퍼 스타 K 출연)



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